Dotty Has Arrived

The moment has finally arrived… Dotty is home!


On Saturday 21st July two very excited sisters headed down to their birthplace of Weston-Super-Mare to collect the family’s latest addition – a former horsebox which has been beautifully transformed into the home for Dotty Mares.


From the copper lining, light fittings, oak worktops, perfect paint work and not to forget the stand-out pink dots, it truly is everything the Dotty Mares wanted and more. But the work does not stop there, they have thought of each and every last detail, including having the ramp removed to ensure that the van complies with health and safety regulations, as well as making Dotty accessible to all!


Driven home along the motorway, Dotty attracted lots of attention, and even stopped for an early-morning beach photoshoot in Weston, with her pink dots standing out against the blue-sky background.


When Dotty arrived at her new home, in Ruislip, despite not having quite the same beach scenery as Weston, she was greeted by friends and family, who enjoyed a toast to her hopefully successful future!


To finally meet Dotty yourself, keep following our social media pages for further updates on the summer launch party on the 12th August…