Dotty is nearly here...

With Dotty making quick progress and her arrival imminent, the Dotty Mares are busier than ever awaiting the opening of the business in late July.

However, even without Dotty, the Dotty Mares have seized all their marketing opportunities thus far, including wedding magazine features, school fair sales, tonic tasting and their most exciting announcement yet… A launch party!

To mark the official opening of the Dotty Mares, they will be hosting a soft launch event on Sunday 12th August at Bishopshalt School in Uxbridge. For more details, visit our Facebook page and keep following us on Instagram to find out more.

With family at the heart of the business, having the launch at a place with a history close to the Dotty Mares was key, so what better place than their senior school – Bishopshalt! After moving from Weston-Super-Mare, the Dotty Mares, just like Dotty, are following the same journey where they began school in their new home town of Bishopshalt. With Dotty in tow and prosecco on tap – it is sure to be an event for all to come and celebrate the start of the Dotty Mares.

Marketing aside, Dotty has been making fast progress down in Weston-Super-Mare, being transformed from an old horsebox to being kitted out with taps, table-tops and tow bars! You can see Dotty’s transformation on our social media, or check out the images below…

Keep following us and checking our website for more updates on Dotty and exciting announcements & until then, we hope to see you at the launch on the 12th August!